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Since this is our inaugural post, we thought we’d just take a moment to introduce ourselves, and tell you why we’re here on

Who we are: We are a bunch of fellow travelers on this Earth, who enjoy the beauty of nature as much as the next guy, and believe that we all have a responsibility to take care of the environment as much as we can!

What we believe: We strongly believe that the idea that mankind is largely responsible for

“Global Warming” is a hoax, a scam and a myth

perpetuated by politicians and others who are seeking to gain control, and profit from their own creation of a theory which has been proven time and again to be full of holes.  Our objective is to provide you with substiated, scientific facts and data to not only for you own edification, but  also to equip you to refute the fabricated hysterical propaganda that floods our senses everyday.  As our header says, “We’re shooting holes in the myth of Global Warming so you don’t have to!”

But we would love to hear from you, if you have thoughts, ideas, disagreements or news bits you think we might be interested in.  We will be publishing articles, photos, graphs, scientific research studies and more, as we come across them, to better arm you in dispelling these myths.

In fact, I think we’ll start with a telling graph by highly acclaimed Professor Emeritus Don Easterbrook , whose specialties include Geomorphology; glacial geology; Pleistocene geochronology; environmental and engineering geology making him a tiny bit more qualified than Al Gore, IMHO.

So is Solar Irradiation or CO2 Responsible for Climate Change?

So is Solar Irradiation or CO2 Responsible for Climate Change?

Myth #1: The planet Earth will be healthier with lower CO2 levels.
Fact: More CO2 is needed to bolster plant life, which turns the gas into oxygen while also providing food.

Myth #2: Rising CO2 levels cause temperatures to rise.
Fact: Temperatures over time have fluctuated while CO2 levels have remained steady. What’s more, temperature increases have historically led increases in CO2 levels. (See Don Easterbrook’s studies for graphical proof, including all the supporting scientific data.)

Myth #3: Sea levels will rise 20 feet by the end of the century.
Fact: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts only a 17-inch rise, and “most climatologists predict a rise of only 7 or 8 inches.”

Myth #4: Scientists unanimously say that CO2 caused by humans is the dominant cause of global warming.
Fact: Not so. “Many, many reputable scientists believe that natural factors overpower the current influence of CO2 on global warming.”

Myth #5: The United States is the largest contributor of human-caused CO2.
Fact: China, which has no CO2 restrictions, has recently exceeded the United States. Plus, it is “opening a new coal-fired power plant every week, and its production of automobiles is growing at a much more rapid rate.”

Myth #6: Storms are more frequent and intense because of global warming.
Fact: “According to the National Hurricane Center, storms are no more intense or frequent worldwide than they have been since 1850. Temperatures were high in the 1920s and 1930s when there was much less CO2 in the atmosphere. Constant 24-7 media coverage of every significant storm worldwide just makes it seem that way. Insist on the facts, not just what some individuals or reporters say to support their cause.”

Myth #7: Polar bears will go extinct if this warm period continues through the 21st century.
He says: “A jawbone of a polar bear has been found that is 120,000 years old, a time during the previous interglacial when temperatures were 5 degrees Celsius warmer and sea level 19 feet higher than today. They adapted then; why not now?”  Furthermore, only FOUR deceased polar bears have actually been discovered having drowned NOT because they were swimming to find food, but apparently because they got caught in a storm.  It happens.

Myth #8: CO2 is a pollutant.
Fact: “CO2 is a great airborne fertilizer, which, as its concentrations rise, causes additional plant growth and causes plants to need less water.”

Myth #9: As Earth warms, the climate will become much drier and windier.
Fact: Ice cores prove the opposite. The colder times were both windier and drier.

Myth #10: Higher levels of CO2 than the current 385 parts per million in the atmosphere are harmful to humans.
He says: The warning level of CO2 in submarines isn’t reached until the atmosphere has 8,000 parts per million of CO2.

While this information is not super secret – it has actually been published by dozens (hundreds?)  of reputable scientists – we insist on giving credit where credit is due.  This particular list was compiled from H. Leighton Steward‘s book, entitled Fire, Ice and Paradise which we like so much, we provided a link here on our site (to  your left).

But read with caution.  If you weren’t already inclined to believe  us, you  might find yourself becoming logical!!!