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Since this is our inaugural post, we thought we’d just take a moment to introduce ourselves, and tell you why we’re here on

Who we are: We are a bunch of fellow travelers on this Earth, who enjoy the beauty of nature as much as the next guy, and believe that we all have a responsibility to take care of the environment as much as we can!

What we believe: We strongly believe that the idea that mankind is largely responsible for

“Global Warming” is a hoax, a scam and a myth

perpetuated by politicians and others who are seeking to gain control, and profit from their own creation of a theory which has been proven time and again to be full of holes.  Our objective is to provide you with substiated, scientific facts and data to not only for you own edification, but  also to equip you to refute the fabricated hysterical propaganda that floods our senses everyday.  As our header says, “We’re shooting holes in the myth of Global Warming so you don’t have to!”

But we would love to hear from you, if you have thoughts, ideas, disagreements or news bits you think we might be interested in.  We will be publishing articles, photos, graphs, scientific research studies and more, as we come across them, to better arm you in dispelling these myths.

In fact, I think we’ll start with a telling graph by highly acclaimed Professor Emeritus Don Easterbrook , whose specialties include Geomorphology; glacial geology; Pleistocene geochronology; environmental and engineering geology making him a tiny bit more qualified than Al Gore, IMHO.

So is Solar Irradiation or CO2 Responsible for Climate Change?

So is Solar Irradiation or CO2 Responsible for Climate Change?

12 Responses to “What we believe about the Myth of Global Warming”

  • acnegirlcandy says:

    As much as possible, we should minimize the production of Greenhouse Gases. Global warming and Climate change is pretty much getting stronger these days.

  • Zachary Evans says:

    The effects of Global Warming is getting much stronger these days. We should concentrate more on alternative energy to reduce carbon emissions.

  • admin says:

    Did you even read the article, Zach? LOL. For the record, I have no problem with alternative energy. But did it ever occur to you that the biggest investors in alternative energy companies are the same folks who are perpetrating the fallacious propaganda about the Anthropogenic Global Warming? Hmmmm.

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  • loan modification attorney las vegas says:

    Seriously? Give me a break.

  • carbon emissions footprint says:

    ride a old 4 cylinder motorcycle like me,,,you will be breathing pure pollution,lots of fine unburned carbon resin,,,,but no worry like gore ,you can buy carbon offsets ,,and enjoy the burn..cheers decider

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  • Dr. Gabe says:

    I strongly agree. Al Gore should get a life.

  • best way to lose weight says:

    CO2 doesn’t control the earth’s temperature and Venus is no proof of something. What do you think caused the several ice ages? A shortage of CO2? LOL This is nonsense and the sooner democrats are unable to trigger any a lot more harm to this nation over their thirst for political power, the much better. ….oh, and it’s time to defund the endless phony and corrupt global warming university “science” and other people who waste millions of taxpayer dollars restating the exact same embarrassing nonsense. When was the last time a University grant funded for seeking the truth in regards to the human controlled global climate fraud? Show us how ice core bubbles within the presence of liquid water represent a usable air samples? LOL Fraud on top of corruption – follow the cash.

  • Al Gore says:

    I like to pick my nose, plus my new theory is that Americans fart to much to heat the earth, so that is why I am promoting smart cars, (they look smart, but if a normal sized car [say, a Honda civic] even bumps them, sucks for you, your car is wrecked!) well, goodbye, I have a press conference with ACORN.

  • Obama says:

    Legitamately, the global warming crisis, needs to be handled in the most convienient way possible, without considering the facts that global warming is a scam made up by my good buddy, Al Gore, recently, legitimate climate change has been recorded by the Official University of BS Info, California.

  • Don says:

    What a misleading chart – you choose to plot against Arctic temperature, global temperature. The units for solar irradiance are totally bogus, nowhere close – they should be in the range of about 1367 W/m2.

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